Student Profile: John Fedak

John Fedak

“I chose Tufts because it was the only school where the people actually seemed interesting,” junior John Fedak reminisces. From the moment John visited campus, he found that Tufts students had a balance between their academic passions and their social lives. This balance was important to him and now, three years later, John is surrounded by friends that have become his second family, professors that have guided him, and new and interesting people that he meets every day.

John is an English major and has an intense personal passion for reading and writing. “I use both critical reading and in-depth analysis skills on a daily basis,” John says. As an Arts section editor for The Tufts Daily, Tufts University’s daily newspaper, John regularly writes his own pieces and edits pieces from across the Tufts community. His variety of courses, from literature surveys to in-depth analyses of themes in different pieces of writings, has not only given John a better understanding and appreciation of English, but also improved his writing skills. John loves that Tufts is incredibly open to all types of possibilities and options, especially with his academics.

Inside the classroom, John finds that Tufts is unique its emphasis on one-on-one relationships, especially with resources on campus and professors. He appreciates that many of his classes have been smaller in size, allowing students to communicate informally with each other and professors. “Tufts helps me thrive as an individual in a larger community,” John says. “I’m able to choose where I want to direct my energy inside and outside of the classroom.”

In terms of his social life and extracurricular activities, John is heavily involved. From being a member of Tufts’ Pi Rho Omega chapter to supervising the call center on campus to the previously mentioned The Tufts Daily, John is active on campus, something he finds rewarding. “By giving me the freedom to participate in groups I actually care about, I’m able to give back to the larger community as a result of my genuine contributions to different organizations,” John says. Last semester, like many of Tufts’ students, John studied abroad in Japan. He’s always wanted to study abroad, especially in such a beautiful country and he found that his study abroad experience was incredibly impactful. “Experiencing another culture, a different culture, is something that changed my outlook on people in general,” John explains. Despite his love for his study abroad experience, John found it difficult to adapt to the language and being so far away from home.

John is originally from Medfield, Massachusetts, less than an hour drive from Tufts’ Medford/Somerville campus. He enjoys how close he is to home, yet also likes that Boston and a new world of opportunities are readily available for him. “I’m excited to be able to work with people, and to be able to use my analytical skills in the context of social settings,” John says, looking forward to job opportunities. In this way, John is ready to take the skills Tufts gave him into his future.