Faculty Profile: Virginia Hart

Virginia Hart

Virginia Hart’s first impression of Tufts was a strong sense of community. When she first came onto Tufts’ campus, she remembers feeling like collaboration and support were cores of Tufts. Now, as an Admissions Counselor and the manager of the tour guide program, lunch hosts, and class visits, Virginia sees that community at Tufts is rooted in its students but grows beyond, reaching every department and section of campus.

Virginia loves her work with Tufts Admissions, particularly the people she works with. “I think that Tufts Admissions reflects the university as a whole: everyone in my office has a wide array of interests, hometowns, and personalities, but we work well together because of the thoughtful collaborative spirit within each of them,” Virginia says. She appreciates that even in the depth of application reading season, there are moments of discussing television shows or cringing at terrible puns. Virginia, like other admissions counselors, takes her work and passions seriously, but she does not take herself seriously and enjoys a good laugh, especially with students. Virginia is constantly awed by the students she meets and works with, especially by their humble attitudes and academic passions. “Every week, I listen to students tell me about their strenuous course loads, extracurricular activities, and fascinating research. I quickly discovered the kindheartedness of Tufts students and their desire to learn from others and themselves,” Virginia says. She sees this especially in the tour guide program, where new guides often find themselves making extremely thoughtful connections with both older guides and Virginia herself.

One of Virginia’s favorite things about her job is the application reading process and the honor that comes with reading interesting stories from high school students across the country. She loves that each day is completely new and different as she learns something new from different applications. “Some teach me the resilience of the human spirit while others might teach me a new Physics theory,” Virginia explains. As a 2016 University of Virginia graduate, she remembers the application process and her undergraduate education very well. She was a history and anthropology double major and a tour guide and distinctly recalls being asked the terrifying question of “what will you do with those two majors after you graduate?” Virginia had a memorized response to this question, explaining that both her majors focused on people and therefore her future work would involve other humans. Her majors gave her immense empathy and understanding, something she brings to Tufts Admissions with her every day.

Upon graduating from college, Virginia craved the “passionate energy” of a college campus, especially the community of being a tour guide for admissions. She feels like her work within the student-led tour guide program particularly inspired her work at Tufts, not only in rethinking Tufts’ tour guide program but also in creating leadership positions for students and presenting opportunities for student engagement on campus.

Virginia brings immense excitement and friendliness to the Tufts community. She enjoys meeting eccentric Jumbos and making new connections. There are countless things to enjoy on Tufts’ campus, but Virginia loves getting to explore the world from her admissions office. “I adore working in a space that can take me from Western Massachusetts to Australia to Georgia to California all while sitting in Bendetson Hall,” she says. Most of all, she loves to see the future in applicants and prospective students. “I adore working in a space that expands my awareness of the world and allows me to appreciate the potential of young people.”