Student Profile: Mia Marrazza

Mia Marrazza

After almost four years, it seems easy to assume that the special qualities of Tufts have become common to senior Mia Marrazza, but she still finds herself in awe of the Tufts community. “I know it sounds cheesy, but I chose Tufts because of the people,” she recalls. Mia’s past four years were shaped by not only her fellow Jumbos, but also her work with incredible organizations, classes preparing her for her future, and personal passions that continue beyond Tufts.

Mia came to Tufts knowing who she was and what she wanted out of her undergraduate career. “I’ve always known I wanted to be a businesswoman,” Mia says, “but I wanted to go into that field with a liberal arts education.” Tufts became her choice for its fantastic liberal arts education in a variety of fields, giving her the option to explore different skills and subjects. Mia studied quantitative economics, math, and entrepreneurial leadership studies. These are three popular areas of study for Jumbos and with students like Mia, it’s easy to see why. Within these studies, Mia describes learning various problem solving and critical thinking skills necessary for being a confident and successful businesswoman. Mia is grateful especially to her professors “for their support and positive spirit” throughout her four years. While taking rigorous classes, Mia found time for incredible extracurricular activities like 180 Degrees Consulting, a unique organization on campus. Mia is heavily involved in the organization. “It has given me unique experiences working with nonprofit clients in the Boston area, and I will use those teamwork and analytical skills as I enter my full-time job in life science consulting this summer,” Mia says.

When she is not excited for her future career, Mia is a tour guide with Tufts Admissions and has made many thoughtful connections with both prospective Jumbos and new tour guides. Mia seems to be exceptional at building relationships with people regardless of their backgrounds, which can especially be seen in her interest in consulting. “My professional passions right now are consulting due to its client-facing and team-oriented work,” Mia explains. This is synonymous with her personal passions of making an effort to surround herself with fellow dedicated and unique individuals, something she finds almost effortless at Tufts. Mia finds that Tufts has provided the perfect opportunities for her to thrive during her undergraduate education because of the institution’s resources and community. She feels motivated to “constantly learn more” and involve herself “in new and life-changing experiences.” While Mia has had many of those experiences the past four years, it is just the beginning.

After graduation, Mia plans on continuing her work at Simon-Kucher & Partners, which she says the Career Center helped her immensely with. While she is ready to work hard, she is also ready to “have a ton of fun post-grad.” Mia sees her future as being the perfect balance of professional work and discovering the Boston area as an adult. “I’m excited to see where my curiosity takes me as I move forward with my career. There are so many exciting things to look forward to, no matter how scary it may seem for me now as I enter the last chunk of my last semester,” Mia says. With graduation in just two months, Mia may be ending her undergraduate career at Tufts, but she will always be a Jumbo.