Student Profile: Alizée Weber

Alizée Weber

Senior Alizée Weber fell in love with Tufts University in a way many students do: through Jumbo Days. After receiving her acceptance letter, she attended Jumbo Days and explored Tufts’ campus and talked to its students and faculty, specifically former Dean of Admissions Lee Coffin. “Coffin told me, ‘There is only so much you can learn in the classroom.’” This really resonated with Alizée, who noted that there were many amazing academic institutions in the United States, but that she wanted a place where her classmates and professors would shape her for the next four years. “The more I talked to current and admitted Tufts students and to professors, the more I realized just how passionate, caring, and down-to-earth they were,” Alizée recalls. These conversations and more importantly the community she found at Jumbo Days shaped Alizée’s decision and her next four years.

Alizée is an international student from France and describes herself as a people’s person. “I love learning about different cultures, meeting new people, and helping others,” she says. With students from over 60 countries and all 50 states, Tufts presents a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and diversity, something Alizée cherishes. As well, Tufts offers academic options that allow Alizée to learn about her multiple passions and work with departments on campus and complete internships off campus. “I have been able to explore different academic fields and career paths that would allow to pursue my passions, such as medicine, nutrition, clinical psychology, higher education, and admissions.” As a senior intern for Admissions, Alizée finds a full circle with her work for incoming students and the tour guide program.

At Tufts, she feels engaged and excited about her interests. She is constantly discussing her college experience, her studies, her internships, and her work in and out of Tufts. Whether these interests be in line with her academic career or her personal love of cheese, Alizée is ready to talk for hours, like many Tufts students. Specifically, Alizée recalls one of her favorite aspects of Tufts being its support system. “From my peers to graduate students and alumni to professors and career counselors, there has always been someone there for me,” Alizée says.

With plans to attend Cornell’s prestigious School of Hotel Administration in the fall after graduation, Alizée is excited for her future and thankful for her past. “I am looking forward to applying what I have learned at Tufts to this new field of study. I am confident that the rigorous academic education Tufts provides, and the open-mindedness and intellectual curiosity is fosters will help me tackle this new challenge,” Alizée explains. With the many connections and friends she has made, both with international and American students, Alizée cannot imagine having a better college experience and feeling more excited for her future. As one of the organizers of this year’s Jumbo Days, she is hopeful future students will make the same connections she made and discover the Tufts community in the ways she has.