Student Profile: Christopher Campbell

Christopher Campbell

            For some students, choosing a college is kind of like a show on HGTV: it’s all about location. For Christopher Campbell, Tufts was an ideal college for this exact reason. “I’m from a big city and wanted to experience a different setting, but still have access to go into the city, so this campus was the best of both worlds for me!” Christopher recalls. Since coming to Tufts, however, Christopher’s love for Tufts has branched past location. Tufts has become special to him for so many reasons.

            Christopher Campbell is a sophomore studying Biology. His ultimate goal is to become a doctor, and for a while, that was his only focus. When he chose Tufts, he loved that the school was extremely advanced in the medical field and had students with passions that they were exploring through classes and research. While studying Biology, Christopher discovered other interests he has. “I have passions for science, entertainment, and children. So far at Tufts, I have been able to so much in these realms academically through courses I’ve taken, like medical sociology, filmmaking, and American sign language,” Christopher says.

            Many Tufts students share these same varied passions and interests, often picking up double majors and minors through exploring different classes. For Christopher, a Biology major and Film and Media Studies minor sounds like the perfect combination of academic areas he loves. At other schools, this combination seems strange. Through students like Chris, Tufts reaffirms its status as a university where students are diverse in their interests. “Tufts is very special to me because I’ve been offered so many unique opportunities from the different courses offered to the organizations I’ve partnered with to the amazing people I’ve gotten to know,” Christopher says.

            Christopher also completes research on campus, a common activity amongst Tufts students beginning as early as freshman fall and as late as senior spring. Christopher volunteers in a biomedical lab and learns about what innovative projects Tufts is working on at campus. He also believes this research will prepare him for future work and medical school. Graduating in two years sounds exciting to Christopher, especially considering how ready he feels for the work field thanks to Tufts. “I am being prepared so well here at Tufts from the classes I’m taking to the research I’m volunteering in to the incredible internships that I can apply to,” Christopher affirms. These internships vary for him, from being in film and entertainment to biology and medicine. Christopher sees new internship opportunities through Tufts all the time, ranging from research in labs to location work in places like Guatemala and London.

            These resources are also offered through professional advising and student activities, where Christopher says he spends a lot of this time learning about new opportunities and ways for him to excel in his classes and work. He also finds time in his schedule to be a member of ATO at Tufts, a gender-all inclusive fraternity. Christopher is community outreach chair for the fraternity. Christopher has made a lot of social connections through the fraternity and finds it to be a core part of his time at Tufts.