Student Profile: Celia Gittleman


In some ways, the past can often shape the future. For Celia Gittleman, junior, her Tufts journey began years before she even knew it. Celia’s grandparents worked at Tufts University, living on Professor’s Row until she was eight. “I spent a lot of my childhood on campus and learning about Tufts,” Celia recalled. Her grandparents are not the only connections Celia has to the university, however. Both her parents and her sister attended Tufts for their undergraduate education. While the Tufts legacy holds for Celia, that hasn’t stopped her from forging her path both academically and in extracurricular activities at the university.

When Celia began applying to colleges, she found herself in a difficult position. “I realized hallway through that every college I was looking at I was comparing to Tufts. I would say, ‘I want it to be near a city, but I also want it to have its own campus. I want it to be a big school but not too big or too small. I realized Tufts was the school I was holding as my ideal,” Celia said. Now, as Celia begins her junior spring semester, she enjoys the traditions that Tufts means to her, but she also remarks that her journey is very much her own. Celia is the production manager for a student theater group on campus, Torn Ticket II. She also stage manages both drama department productions and student productions. In both capacities, Celia enjoys being extremely organized and a leader for all students.

“The theater department lets me, as a production manager and a stage manager, thrive in that leadership position while also being in the community and letting me do student and department theater and be in both communities and get a balanced experience,” Celia said in regard to her extracurricular involvement. Even with the time-consuming responsibility she faces with the positions, Celia makes the most of her studies on campus. Neither of her parents or her sister studied what Celia is studying or participated in theater, giving her ample opportunity to make a name for herself. As a Child Study and Human Development major and a Drama minor, she gets to make the most out of both of her passions. Celia loves working with children and finds that the department gives her the unique and rewarding opportunity to work in the greater Boston area through internships and summer programs. With her drama minor, Celia has the opportunity to grow through interesting classes. Currently, she is the teacher’s assistant for the Stage Management course in the department, which meets on Mondays. She is also the stage manager for the drama department’s upcoming production, Lysistrata.

As for Celia’s bright future, well, she is yet again forging her own path. “I’m potentially going to apply to work on a cruise ship the summer after I graduate. I think it’ll be a great way for me to get the production managing and stage managing out of my system, but I may find that’s what I want to do professionally,” she explained. In many ways, Tufts provided her with the tools, experience, and resources to develop her skills and discover her interests. The professional and hands-on work offered by the Child Study and Human Development major, one of the most popular departments on campus, combined with her work in drama gives Celia a wide variety of options to suit her wide variety of interests.