Student Profile: Emma Brin

Emma Brin

At first glance, Emma Brin is one of Tufts University’s many excellent and vibrant students. An International Relations and Spanish double-major, Emma finds herself connected to many different groups of people and ideas on campus. Tufts University is known for bringing people of different backgrounds and cultures together. For some people, this feels like a constant competition, like every day is a new and intimidating game against students who excel and thrive at every twist and turn. For Emma, however, this is what makes Tufts special to her. She loves being surrounded by people just like her: intelligent and passionate.

Emma came into college with strong upperclassmen role models. Many of these upperclassmen shaped her future academic experiences and personas, helping her discover her interests. These upperclassmen connections and friendships formed thanks to FOCUS, a pre-orientation at Tufts University that allows incoming first-year students the opportunity to participate in community service across the Boston community. Entering her junior year, Emma wanted to have the same impact her upperclassmen did two years before. Earlier this fall, she was a FOCUS leader. Her group, Giving Camp 1, worked with adults with mental and physical disabilities. This rewarding and humbling experience formed strong connections between Emma and her first-year FOCUS group. Emma continues to be a role model on campus, especially as a teacher of a first-year Experimental College class on the “Literary Origins of The Bachelor.” “The class examines different archetypes of women that appear in classical literature and compares them to female representation in reality television,” Emma said. Emma had many examples of leadership throughout her first two years on Tufts’ campus and those examples shaped her to find both her place in this intelligent and passionate community and make her impact on future generations of Tufts students.

Emma remembers applying to Tufts University three years ago, where she enjoyed answering a supplement telling her to “celebrate her nerdy side.” She loved the fact that Tufts University would pose such a question, especially a question other colleges and universities would never include. “It made me excited about the type of environment I could be stepping into,” Emma said. Looking back, Emma’s steps into the Tufts University environment were both humbling and transformative. Now, she finds herself one of the many intelligent and passionate people on campus, especially in her diverse interests. This semester, Emma is taking a variety of classes, from Chinese Foreign Policy to Witchcraft in Medieval Europe. She plans on studying abroad in Spain next semester, a time she hopes will not only increase her fluency in Spanish but also showcase a new and exciting culture. Her study abroad program is completely immersive, meaning Emma will live with a host family and apply to different internships in the country. While excited to study abroad, Emma is equally thrilled to work as a research assistant in the Community Health/Sociology departments, a job that focuses on how governments respond to cross-border disease threats. This position expands upon the knowledge Emma has gained throughout her international relation courses and brings real-world experience to the major.

Passion is a core part of Tufts University and a core part of Emma Brin. Whether it be through her passion for international relations and politics, her fascination with Spanish, or her interest in being a leader for incoming freshmen, Emma is diverse. “I’ve been able to pursue many of my personal passions at Tufts, from my academic interests to my love of dogs through Animal Aid,” Emma said. There are so many ways to pursue passions on campus and become part of the intelligent Tufts community, something Emma learned two years ago and emulates today.